About Maker Club

Naresuan Maker Club is the brainchild of students, alumni, and faculty members in the Department of Computer Science and IT, Naresuan University.

Back in 2016, we got together to teach ourselves how to create a CNC machine based on Arduino and old CD-ROM drives. That was the beginning of transforming dreamers into doers.

We focus on providing education and raising the awareness of the maker movement in the local community. Initially, we started off tinkering with electronics but are now branching out into IoT and even biomedicine, helping people across multi-disciplinary on and around Naresuan University campus.

We want to raise the bar and level of knowledge here in the lower northern part of Thailand. What better way than to teach and connect like-minded people who share the same passion?

If you are passionate about technology and would love to become a maker, we are always looking for you.

Please get in touch with us at https://www.facebook.com/NUmakerclub/

Or follow our projects at https://csit.nu.ac.th/webcsit/category/maker-club-blog/

1. Arduino CNC DIY
2. 3D Printer DIY
3. Science Walk Rally
4. SeaPerch Challenge
5. มือใหม่หัดใช้ IoT

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