Research Groups

>> ภาคประกอบด้วยกลุ่มวิจัย 6 กลุ่มดังนี้
1. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning [KRR]
  • Knowledge representation
  • Ontology-based systems
  • Case-based reasoning, rule-based systems
  • Machine learning and fuzzy logic
  • Applications in search, security and the real world
2. Smart and Intelligent Systems [SIS]
  • Software Innovation Research Management. [SIRM]
    Smart system, text and web mining, AI,NLP, ontologies, semantic web, RFID, wireless sensor networks.
  • Information Science Lab. [ISL]
    Machine learning. web technology, software process, software technology and multimedia.
3. Data Science and Data Analytics [DSDA]
  • Textual and Visual Processing (TVP)
    –Video and Image analysis and processing
    –Text mining
  • Computational and Statistical Modelling (CSM)
    –Data modeling and Data Mining
    –Experimental Design and Search algorithm for CSE
    –Empirical Modelling
4. Visual Information Processing [VIP]
5. Human Centred Computing [HCC]
  • Mobile Computing Laboratory (MCL)
    –Applications in mobile technology including tourism, education and governance.
    –Wireless infrastructure and cloud computing.
  • Technology for Community Development (TCD)
    –Educational Technology
  • Geo-informatics Laboratory (GL)
    –Theories, techniques and technologies for geospatial data.
6. IoT and Microcontroller [IoTM]
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Cloud Computing and Services
  • Robotics